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blue angel ark sz

when we were kids i was your friend watching you grow
you didnt get much of the love most of us know
ohh oh blue angel i cant put you down
i should know better i grew up in your part of town
and i can bless my good fortune i came through it fine
ohh oh blue angel you will always be a good old friend of mine

how many years since you took off with your guitar
joining a band and singing sad songs round the bar
ohh oh blue angel guess i should have known
thats not a good life for a girl far away from home
when you were sad, poor and lonely too proud to let on
ohh oh blue angel all your better times just never came along

now the gentlemen of soho buy your kindness and your smile
and your flesh is just a souvenir of london for a while
but i know what keeps you going what you spend your money on
some pusher man from hell has got you hooked on all thats wrong
and a pretty dress dont cover up your eyes
and i wont forget the emptiness i found in your disguise


ohh oh blue angel i cant put you down
i should know better i grew up in your part of town


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