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backstage ark sz

a thousand hands applaud tonight
i sing my songs my star shines bright
i stop and smile, i take by bow
i leave the stage and then somehow

backstage im lonely
backstage i cry
youve gone away and each night i seem to die a little

out on that stage i play the star
im famous now ive come so far
a famous fool i let love go
i didnt know id miss you so

backstage im lonely
backstage i cry
hating myself since i let you say goodbye

every night a different girl
every night a different club
and yet im lonely all the time
when i sign my autograph
when i hold an interview
cant get you out of my mind

come back my love
come back to me
i need you now so desperately
what good is fame its just a game
id give it all to be the same

backstage i wait now hoping ill see
your smiling face waiting there backstage for me
your smiling face waiting there backstage for me
backstage, backstage


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