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one more night ark sz

one more night by ana
verse 1:
baby its strange how things go down
how every circle comes around
nobody wins, everyone pays

verse 2:
you and i standing here again
thinkin about what might have been
ready to go our separate ways

one more night
we could have been in love
just one more night
we should have been in love
i guess we asked more than we ever gave
but i would give the world
baby, if i could save
what we have for one more night

verse 3:
funny, i just cant get it clear
where are we gonna go from here?
you without me, me without you

verse 4:
somehow i pray the days wont end
cause when the darkness comes again
i dont believe ill make it through


if we could make it right
if i could turn back time for you and me
baby, it wouldnt have to be



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