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oh aaron ark sz

well i guess the best way for me to begin is
the other day i was hangin with some friends
going around the room talkin about our favorite noise
i said i had a brother in the backstreet boys
everyone screamed:
"hey! is this some kind of trick?"
"yeah, which one is he?"
the blonde one, nick
then the cutest girl said:"i have to see their show,
but i have no ticket,
aaron, how can i go?"
"your wish is my command,
see its no problem hon,
in fact ill get some tickets here for everyone.
now all i gotta do is pick up the celly,
and its a done deal,
let me call nick and tell him.
"by the way aaron,
if you could while youre at it,
can you hook up some seats,
for my friends and my parents?"
so i said to myself,
well heck, why not?
theres nothing that can beat the connection i got
aaron, oh aaron,
what are you going to do
youre making your promises oh so big
how are you going to make them come true
aaron, oh aaron,
what are we going to do with you
always making the bigger mistakes,
always making a fool
yo, i gotta make this phone call
(phone dialing and ringing)
hey nick i need a favor from you dude
i promised people tickets so you gotta come through
sure bro, how many do you need?
what? i can get you maybe a dozen,
you cant promise seats to everyone and their cousin!
what did you do? howd you get into this mess?
i was talking to this girl and...
hold your breath,i know the rest.
i guess you better get yourself a whole lotta money!
for 3,000 tickets? nick,that isnt funny!
how am i supposed to pull that off in so little time?
you got me aaron, thats your problem, not mine!
how in the world can he do that to me?
i thought we were blood,
i thought we were family
were getting to that show,
well get good seats
(everyone on the bus, yall comin with me)
im tellin you guys,
when we get to the gate,
he can never say no,
when he looks at my face
hook me up nick,
man i swear ill pay you back!
well, come to think about it, we need an opening act
what do you want me to do?
tell jokes? dance? act?
man, i want you on stage, i want you to rap,
cuz if you dont youre gonna have some disappointed friends,
and by the way, youre on at eight, thats when the show begins.
(chorus x2)
now, opening up for the backstreet boys
give it up for aaron carter!


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