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boy george, boy george arklar, boy george ark szleri
1.a boy called alice498
2.after the love461
3.am i losing control660
4.american boyz490
5.are you too afraid485
6.big dark man waiting550
8.bow down mister523
9.broken spirit402
10.cheapness and beauty413
11.dont cry542
12.dont take my mind on a trip527
14.everything i own454
15.evil is so civilised371
18.generations of love433
19.genocide peroxide433
20.gi josephine430
21.girl with combination skin424
23.god dont hold a grudge428
24.happy family453
25.i asked for love398
26.i go where i go466
27.i love you415
28.i specialise in lonliness394
29.if i could fly437
30.il adore413
31.in maya461
32.im not sleeping anymore486
33.just aint enough470
34.keep me in mind367
36.leave in love381
38.little ghost409
39.live my life433
40.love hurts428
41.loves gonna let you down467
42.mama never knew377
43.more than likely415
44.mr strange526
45.next time447
46.no clause387
47.number one423
48.oh lord413
49.one on one403
51.same thing in reverse454
52.satans butterfly ball611
53.she was never he429
54.siempre te amare925
56.something strange called love397
57.spooky truth385
58.state of love369
59.suffragette city415
60.sweet toxic love416
61.the crying game455
62.these boots are made for walkin562
63.to be reborn452
64.too much love393
65.unfinished business399
66.use me452
67.vanity case434
68.weve got the right522
69.what becomes of the broken hearted418
70.where are you now when i need you418
71.whether they like it or not429
73.who killed rock n roll441
74.you are my heroin451
75.you found another guy418
76.your love is what i am581
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