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up on the hill ark sz

its just a hill of beans to some
bums talking 6-figure shit, while they taking their lump
see i grew up on the hill
but still i keep ready
had a mind of my own like west gave to freddy
as freddy got clipped, man, so did my youth
spending nights with my rights, knocked out my tooth
yeah, it scarred my soul
it fucked me up like vodka
had me walking around mumbling shit like i was latka
the hill dont discriminate, they know who you are
if you make it over the edge then baby, you the star
the big top knows all the choices you chose
both respected and feared by your friends and your foes
chorus 1:
now up on the hill is where you find us
yeah, up on the hill that shit is timeless
yeah, up on the hill that burns the brightest
yeah, up on the hill, up on the hill
chorus 2:
and up on the hill is where you find us
and up on the hill that shit is timeless
yeah, up on the hill there aint no contest
yeah, up on the hill, up on the hill
now go make your mound in an anthill, sonny
you be dead by 40, but you make a lotta money
a shot clock is dropped, choose when you choose
and if you aint up on the hill, you lose
now damn the jokes and damn the torpedos
live a life of your dreams,like boz did lido
i said lido, who-a-oh
i said one more time, ought to get it
now look up, look up higher and see
its not as hard as you figured it would be
now 2 tons, 2 tons lighter
agreed, now - if its all right with you its all right with me
chorus 2 (2x)
chorus 1 (2x)
chorus 2 (2x)
chorus 1
(repeat 1st 9 lines sotto voice)


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