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the view belongs to everyone ark sz

paulie ran like hell, kojacked my momas pontiac
dropped it off at the house, and he was sorry and hed bring it back
got on the major deagan, fighting a heart attack
but that was that, an hour out to hackensack
runnin, kosciusko to the l.i.e
traffic out the ass as far as the eye could see
flip on the radio: wnbc, 3 men shot tryin to free gotti
the view belongs to everyone (4x)
he heard they moved the don out west somewhere like oregon
long live the king runnin the marathon
he drifted back to days at the octagon
where the goombas held the guards and did the pissing on
and now they aint no mob just some criminal collective
since rudy and the right got his ass re-elected
we esteem too easy, obtain too cheap
and we talk a lotta shit from the back fuckin seat
chorus (8x)
long live the king, but who will wear his crown
theyre flowing like a stream, deep from underground
long live the king, but who will wear his crown
can you get down, can you get down? (repeat to fade out)


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