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the fun lovin criminal ark sz

one, two, three and i come with the redneck style
cause you know i get paid by the mile, like avis
i pave this, fast save this, everybody smile...
and act gracious
see i rob banks, i pull pranks, sometimes i eat
franks and knishes,best wishes, im vicious but here
i am again like cnn. delivery my friend.

stick em up punk, its the fun lovin criminal (2x)

yes we bug a lot and my friends is loud and...
im more freaky than disco 2000
i scream, i yell, i bark, i bite
ill hit you with an egg on a hot summer night
i never let the cops get wind of me
and i never, ever, ever say die
i never take myself too seriously
cause everybody knows fat birds dont fly

stickem up punk, its the fun lovin criminal (4x)
the fun lovin criminal (3x)

means with the green, murder on your spleen
living in a dream do you know what i mean
goateed indeed, smart like john steed
ill steal your girlie and ill steal your weed
i got so much flavor that ill always leave you chewin
i got so many styles youll be thinking im from the u.n.
i broke into the white house and never got caught
and id be neil armstrong if i was an astronaut
i am always optimistic about human relations
i got more friends than my man peter gatien
were always fun loving, so dont start bugging
if your girlie comes up and starts kissing and hugging
stickem up punk, its the fun lovin criminal (4x)


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