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back in 78, i was a kid, i didnt know shit and i never did
when the summer got hot, we praid for rain
but since the lights went out ive never been the same
but when we got older i caught the gust
livin in the park with the rest of the nuts
but now i waver, i feel it heavy on my mind
a life-saver thats been there all the time
and she dont lie, she dont lie but i do
she dont know, she dont know but i do
and i play heavy on my mind
the booker got blessed on her date of birth
from green point ave across to benson hurst
she keeps my family together, keeps my foes at bay
when shes chillin off the leash you better stay away
i remember you and i, we used to chill on a stoop
maxing and... without any loot
now you got it going strong but i feel long in the tooth girl
now you got it going strong but i feel long in the tooth
and i dont know what to feel anymore
but im trying, im trying to tell her
and i dont know what to think anymore
but i think, i think i ought to build myself...

chorus (3x)


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