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mini bar blues ark sz

now everyone is goin out, but im stayin in
you see i gotta nurse my lonely heart, with the mini bar gin
its not that my baby is mad at me, no, for doin something wrong
its just that im so far, far away from her, and ive been here for so long
so wont you please try and understand that we aint that kind of band
you choose and you choose, baby and sometimes end up with the mini bar blues
now love thy neighbour and the children they flock
the suckers that shwag me baby are suckers that i glock
see im the fire hose, and everybody knows, that ill knock you down and kick
that ass
so when i go out on the town, straight out the ground
i aint lookin to get on down, its just one of them things that see, me and
the fellas, sipping on some heinekens, if you know what im trying to express
through my music
chorus (2x)


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