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methadonia ark sz

in methadonia, they weeble and they wobble
but they dont fall down
you see, the fed has got their back
and they say its better than crack, plus
it keeps them mellow and passive...

and takes them to the land, the land of methadonia.

there are three around my way, and all day i
see them straying, up the block and down the
stairs, comin in groups but leaving in pairs
like suckers. with their weeks supply
your eye and i see you selling the elixir of life

and takes them to the land, the land of methadonia. (2x)

i see you hangin on my stoop, you better
swoop before i do, some jammies in your eye
because the place in which youre sent
by your liquid orange friend has kept you
from it for so long

and takes them to the land, the land of methadonia. (3x)


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