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crime and punishment ark sz

i pity the punks that partake in the madness
yangin the young for their products and profits
the pushers keep pushin on d and on jump street
pushin the passive pill, so ya dont need
kids makin bids with nines in their goose downs
cause college is pricey and some brothers aint got none
you try to discern between truth and suggestion
but they bid for your id via fear of rejection

all i see is outfits and attitudes, congenial criminality
the hidden agenda is a psychic necessity
hungry minds so sad in the hearts of darkness
manifesting some forms of natural impatience
deaf macbeth, scar city, the slasher
enveloping the b-boy, the doper and the thrasher
looking to be judged but when judged by the book
son youre running to the hook.
get the heck out!

back with the funk hits, uncle huey is back with
the funk hits, and the f.l.c. is coming to grips
with a fist full of funk hits.
check it out!
i got the feel good hit of the year, i got two thumbs up
and i stuckem in his ear. the man stepped to me,
he wouldnt let it end though, so i threw his ass out
the roxy deli window

i aint pushin no party, i aint meddlin in saudi,
but i think its fucked up, what the federal has laid on me
ive been watchin the news, youre forcing people
to choose between the lesser of two evils; my red, white, and blue
the deceivers deceiving because the people believe him
now the troopsll be bleedin and their mamas will be grieving
so keep on payin your taxes, when you dont know the facts
let the contracts get backed, while your conscience relaxes

yeah, i pity the punks that partake in the madness. (4x)


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