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couldnt get it right ark sz

time is driftin, this rock has got to roll,
so i hit the road and made my getaway.
restless feeling, i really gotta hold,
i started searching for a better way.
and i kept on looking for a sign in the middle of the night,
but i couldnt see the light, no i couldnt see the light.
i kept on lookin for a way to take me through the night,
but i couldnt get it right, no i couldnt get it right.
la fever, made me feel alright,
but i must admit it got the best of me.
gettin down, so deep i nearly drowned,
i cant get back to where i used to be.
new york city, took me with the tide,
i nearly died from hospitality,
left me stranded, and took away my pride,
just another know it?? of fatality.
chorus (repeat to fade)


"couldnt get it right" is a cover of a song originally by the climax blues band.


"couldnt get it right" appeared on the album "mimosa".
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