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all for self ark sz

now i thought wed come alive and
stop all this drunken driving
you were the one who wanted to storm those gates
and kill those prophets that couldnt relate
but still youre the one who wanted to save your soul
with all your bullshit rock and roll
but now she hides her eyes
burns her house and hopes she dies
never gettin my hands dirty
uh-huh, uh-huh
its not just for myself, not just all for self, no
i figured wed move it on up, move it on up, yeah
not just for myself, not just all for self, no
now he put your hand in mine
come daddy come show me a sign
now what i do i do for youths
the white and the black and the browns and the blues
now promise comes in two foot waves
the moving earth and diggin the graves
now he tried to justify it
but hell feel better once he tries it
chorus (repeat to fade out)


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