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maybe she will ark sz

laws of gravity fight uncertainty
but i sit here without a clue
life had separate meaning and i was only dreaming
someone else came to her rescue
now shes gone and i am too, but
maybe she will
want to have me near enough to feel unparted
maybe she will
ask me for some help to get her new place started
maybe she will
see me around and want to take a mid-day walk
maybe just feel lonely and will want to talk
with me
in cold and darkest weather, the times we had together
come to me and i smile to sleep
then clouds dissipate and i soon re-awake
to such a living tragedy
im resolved to pondering
maybe she will
call me up to see if i am doing alright
maybe she will
remember the times when i would hold her so tight
maybe she will
think about the letters that i used to send
someday change her mind and want to find me again
they all say im wasting my whole life away
but i dont care because i have this candle from our courting days
and its almost gone
but dim hope flickers anyway
maybe she will
look at those old pictures and get teary-eyed
maybe she will
feel my lonely heartbeat and hear me cry
maybe she will
help me shovel out of this misery
one day say shes sorry for giving up on me
maybe she will


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