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get wild ark sz

stop... everybody get wild
everybody get wild
action, your body activates freedom
your mind excellerates passion
the time has come to get wild
rise up and follow fusion
our youth is just an illusion
lets start a revolution
explore the corridores
well find our restitution
stop... everybody get wild
everybody get wild
music, its all around and you choose it
to take control or you lose it
your way to find an escape from dancing to this song
power, minutes turned into hours
nows the time to get louder
the light is there to be seen youre dreamin, no youve gotta
stop... everybody get wild
everybody get wild
weve travelled so far
to explore the mysteries of life
and the reality of our youth
is overlooked by those who restrict our freedom
our freedom of expression, our freedom to get wild
this is aaron and this is my world
and its yours
stop... everybody get wild
everybody get wild
listen, theyre callin you but youre missin
youre standin off in position
a crowded room is in rage
im up on stage fire
you say you wanna go higher up and fly away youre gone,
aint nothing wrong with standin, im commandin you to
stop... everybody get wild
everybody get wild
everybody get wild.


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