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boomtown rats, boomtown rats arklar, boomtown rats ark szleri
1.a gospel song369
2.a hole to fill413
3.a rose at night392
4.another piece of red396
5.attitude chicken386
6.august was a heavy month431
7.banana republic504
8.big romantic stuff383
9.charmed lives500
11.crucified me392
13.diamond smiles369
14.do they know its christmas478
15.dont believe what you read459
16.dont talk to me483
17.drag me down570
18.fall down451
19.go man go491
20.having my picture taken380
21.he watches it all432
22.how do you do399
23.hurts hurts446
24.i can make it if you can437
25.i dont like mondays472
26.i never loved eva braun503
27.in the pouring rain422
28.joeys on the street again435
29.let it go415
30.like clockwork374
31.living in an island355
32.lookin after no496
33.love or something339
34.lying again343
35.mary of the th form429
36.me and howard hughes320
37.mood mambo415
38.my hippy angel369
39.neon heart401
40.never bite the hand that feeds354
41.never in a million years504
42.no small wonder381
43.nothing happened today390
44.please dont go482
45.rat trap453
46.roads of germany after bd334
48.shes gonna do you in421
49.shes so modern572
50.skin on skin414
51.sleep fingers lullaby561
52.someones looking at you649
53.ss strange416
54.straight up587
55.talking in code393
56.the bitter end577
57.the chains of pain371
58.the elephants graveyard390
59.the end of the world404
60.the great song of indifference335
61.the happy club616
62.the little death416
63.thinking voyager type things381
64.this is my room528
65.this is the world calling384
66.too late god399
67.under their thumbis under my thumb582
68.up all night557
69.walking back to happiness372
70.watch out for the normal people401
71.when i was young376
72.when the night comes353
73.wind chill factor minus zero422
74.words from heaven367
75.yeah, definitely373
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