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boogie down productions, boogie down productions arklar, boogie down productions ark szleri
1. and good371
2. cops or more364
3. guns389
5.blackman in effect372
6.bo bo bo556
7.breath control342
8.breath control ii359
9.build and destroy352
10.criminal minded403
11.dope beat374
12.drug dealer307
13.duck down404
16.exhibit a376
17.exhibit b415
18.exhibit c575
19.exhibit d565
20.exhibit e469
21.exhibit f575
22.ghetto music386
23.gimme dat woy451
24.hip hop rules341
26.house nigga420
27.how not to get jerked405
28.illegal business420
29.im still593
30.jack of spades367
31.jah rulez402
33.like a throttle345
34.loves gonna getcha material love718
35.mm goes bang334
36.my philosophy316
39.original lyrics425
40.original way360
41.part time sucker339
43.poisonous product316
44.questions and answers365
45.ruff ruff406
46.say gal462
47.sex and violence428
48.south bronx367
49.stop the violence338
50.super hoe360
51.the blueprint397
52.the bridge is over359
53.the kenny parker show362
54.the p is free348
55.the racist380
56.the real holy place370
57.the style you havent done yet552
58.we in there399
59.who are the pimps370
60.who protects us from you382
61.why is that375
62.word from our sponsor363
63.world peace431
64.ya know the rules410
65.ya slippin594
66.ya strugglin599
67.you must learn339
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