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bonnie tyler, bonnie tyler arklar, bonnie tyler ark szleri
1.a kiss is a terrible thing to waste meat loaf feat bonnie tyler333
2.a rockin good way duet with shakin stevens423
3.against the wind369
4.all night to know you388
5.all we have is tonight375
6.angel heart442
7.angel of the morning416
8.baby goodnight340
9.baby i just love you458
10.baby, i remember you338
11.back home376
12.bad dreams379
13.band of gold338
14.before this night is through325
15.before we get any closer350
17.blame me368
18.born to be a winner384
20.bridge over troubled water331
21.bye bye now my sweet love342
22.call me453
23.careless heart328
24.clouds in my coffee410
25.come on, give me loving387
26.cryin a little515
27.daytime friends362
28.dont stop the music697
29.dont turn around488
30.driving me wild392
31.emotional fire with cher331
32.faster than the speed of night378
33.fire in my soul433
34.first love452
35.fools lullaby317
36.forget her389
37.from the bottom of my lonely heart352
38.get out of my head422
39.getting so excited359
40.give me your love343
41.given it all364
42.god gave love to you357
43.goin through the motions442
44.gonna get better334
45.goodbye to the island391
46.got so used to loving you410
47.have you ever seen the rain386
49.heaven in album all in one voice345
50.heaven is here duet with giorgio moroder385
51.here am i373
52.here she comes376
53.heres monday594
54.hey love its a feelin629
55.hes got a hold on me481
56.hes the king617
57.hide your heart328
58.holding out for a hero351
59.i believe in your sweet love394
60.i cant leave your love alone548
61.i climb every mountain393
62.i cry myself to sleep at night387
63.i do it for you369
64.i loved a man polly garters song750
65.i put a spell on you384
66.if i sing you a love song435
67.if you ever need me again381
68.if you were a woman and i was a man404
69.into the sunset duet with mike batt367
70.is anybody there403
72.its a heartache649
73.its a jungle out there531
74.its about time442
75.its not easy505
76.its not enough496
77.ill never let you down533
78.im a fool489
79.im just a woman734
80.im not foolin417
81.im only a lonely child535
82.jack of hearts447
83.james dean437
84.keep your love alive343
85.let it be various artists324
86.let the show begin591
87.like an ocean432
89.live-in world various artists430
90.living for the city368
91.lost in france404
92.louisiana rain366
93.love is in love again305
94.love of a rolling stone350
95.love tangle474
96.lovers again351
97.loving yous a dirty job but somebodys gotta do it duet with todd rundgren400
98.make it right tonight416
99.making love out of nothing at all332
100.married men341
101.matter of the heart314
102.merry christmas418
103.more than a lover352
104.my guns are loaded348
105.my my honeycomb383
106.no way to treat a lady325
107.notes from america395
108.nothing to do with love337
109.perfection with cher and darlene love351
110.piece of my heart342
111.race to the fire378
113.rebel without a clue333
114.return to blue342
115.sailing various artists348
116.sally comes around336
117.save me447
118.save up all your tears405
119.save your love duet with frankie miller371
120.say goodbye390
121.sayonara tokyo472
122.sem limites pra sonhar duet with fabio jr611
123.send me the pillow333
124.sending me angels380
125.sexual device368
126.shy with you367
127.silent night487
128.silhouette in red379
129.sitting on the edge of the ocean346
130.sometimes when we touch360
131.soon will be too late364
133.straight from the heart392
134.streets of little italy348
135.take a chance272
136.take another look at your heart390
137.take me back319
139.tell me the truth385
140.the best362
141.the closer you get346
142.the desert is in your heart with sophie arbaniti360
143.the eyes of a fool368
144.the fire below372
145.the reason why344
146.the rose416
147.the world starts tonight383
148.till the end of time duet with dan hartman454
150.time mends a broken heart348
151.tire track and broken hearts373
152.to love somebody354
153.too good to last367
154.too hot384
155.total eclipse of the heart352
156.turtle blues368
157.two out of three aint bad410
158.under suspicion348
159.we can start here388
160.we danced on the ceiling377
161.what a way to treat my heart324
162.what you got329
163.when love attacks duet with rick derringer334
164.whenever you need me442
165.where were you369
166.whiter shade of pale332
168.wild love367
169.wild side of life362
170.words can change your life324
171.years may come354
172.yesterday dreams323
173.you always saw the blue skies439
174.you are a woman470
175.you are so beautiful602
176.you make me feel like a natural woman356
177.you wont see me cry438
178.youre breaking my heart again466
179.youre the greatest love602
180.youre the one490
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