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bonnie raitt, bonnie raitt arklar, bonnie raitt ark szleri
1.all at once380
2.angel from montgomery324
3.blue for no reason375
4.burning down the house354
5.circle dance392
6.come to me397
7.cool, clear water338
8.cry like a rainstorm368
9.cry on my shoulder373
10.cure for love322
11.dimming of the day680
12.everybodys cryin mercy610
13.fearless love435
14.feeling of falling449
16.give it up or let me go365
17.goin wild for you baby594
18.good enough396
19.good man, good woman352
21.have a heart386
22.hell to pay346
23.i aint let you gonna break my heart again517
24.i believe im in love with you463
25.i cant make you love me460
26.i feel the same404
27.i gave my love a candle355
28.i know474
29.i need love403
30.i sho do370
31.i will not be denied374
32.if you gotta make a fool of somebody359
33.im blowin away575
34.im on your side642
35.longing in their hearts335
37.love has no pride334
38.love letter393
39.love me like a man368
40.love sneaking up on you356
41.lovers will637
42.luck of the draw398
43.matters of the heart371
44.meet me half way366
45.my first night alone without you366
46.my opening farewell334
47.nick of time394
48.no business371
49.no way to treat a lady439
50.nobodys girl561
51.not the only one351
52.nothing seems to matter358
53.one belief away348
54.one part be my lover400
55.papa come quick jody and chino393
56.real man374
57.rock steady408
58.round & round375
60.shadow of doubt396
61.shake a little367
62.since i fell for you401
63.slow ride341
64.something to talk about359
65.spit of love379
66.steal your heart away380
67.storm warning344
68.sweet and shiny eyes398
69.tangled and dark314
70.that song about the midway355
71.the glow614
72.the kokomo medley360
73.the roads my middle name495
74.thing called love339
75.too long at the fair414
76.too soon to tell356
77.two lives411
78.under the falling sky351
79.what is success345
80.women be wise338
81.write me a few of your lines/ kokomo blues364
83.you got to know how432
84.you told me baby407
85.youve been in love too long698
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