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tramp ark sz

whatchu call me? (tramp)
whatchu call me? (tramp)
whatchu call me? (tramp)
whatchu call me?

home girls, attention you must pay
so listen close to what i say
dont take this as no simple rhyme
because this type of shit happens all the time
now, what would you do if a broke nigga came by?
would you fuck him or would you deny?
shit, it aint like he dont know what we like
just a little bit of ice, carats straight for life

then maybe we could talk about us fuckin tonight
69 no change, in the back of the range, calloway edition
is yall muthafuckers still pushin expeditions?
wont catch a bitch like na na rollin in em
small thing, bitch we own things
give a fuck if my ice colors orange or sky blue
i fuck with you
(tramp, tramp, tramp)

1 - whatchu call me? (tramp)
whatchu call me? (tramp)
whatchu call me? (tramp)
whatchu call me?
(tramp, tramp, tramp)

whatchu call me? (tramp)
whatchu call me? (tramp)
whatchu call me? (tramp)
whatchu call me?
(tramp, tramp, tramp)

t-r-a-m-p, get the fuck away from me
cuz if you get too close imm have my folks
put yaþll in emergency

gimme some room, all yall niggaz wanna dig in my womb
dont even know me, wanna fuck my friends?
give me head, drive my benz
spendin lately make me wanna fuck yo friend
smack yo bitch, take yo 6, crash yo shit
leave you numb, make me come, five more times
need five mo bottles to get my shit wet
you aint even suck the tits yet, shit
break me off, clothes come off, show me love
let me hold somethin, freak you off
fuck you right, then sneak you off
now iþm straight, (bein broke), im bout to breeze off

repeat 1

and these broke niggaz got some nerve
they be frontin in the club with they man furs
five niggaz on one bottle of cris
then he talkin me to death, fuck you takin this
whether he friend or foe, gotta stone my lobes
matter of fact, fuck that, nigga ice my toes
and whatever bitch you fuck, bet iþm twice them hoes
and i want my pussy licked, after all my shows

its not a game, that i does my thing
and if it aint light gray, betta be on ya way
and if my stones aint blue, no ass for you
and if my ice aint red, then you deaded some head
all you tryin to do is take na na to the telly
phattin up my belly, then lock me down, never that
i ball till the day i croak, bet that, gimme that

repeat 1 until fade


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