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so hot remix ark sz

- the original from dj clues "professional 2" didnt f/ young gavin

[intro - foxy brown]
fox so hot.. ya cant fuck wit me
fox so hot.. ya cant fuck wit me
fox so hot.. ya cant fuck wit me
fox so hot.. ya cant fuck wit me

[foxy brown over intro]
oooh, nana - f-o wit the x
pretty boy, brooklyn
alright okay, alright, cmon
mmm.. i said it, what?
that bitch is lethal, uhh..

[foxy brown]
whoa.. ohh shit; na na come through (clue, clue, clue)
pretty and crisp, yall hoes pop shit
i keep my gun cocked (clue, clue, clue) and my bitch spit
yes, who the ras wan test me
original, don gargon that bitch
im the reason bitches ride dick (dun know)
im the reason why they like cock stiff
fox is the only reason
why them bitch wan run gwan buy fake tits like
who the fuck is yall aimin for?
if its fox, fuck you aint name me for?
like i told you before, im b.k.s illest
dangerous bitch, b.k.s realest
heat play wit niggaz, clap gun, i rap don gargon
rapper slash model
the whole round robin, so dont yall get suspicious
im big gun cock foxy, yall likkle vicious
and niggaz feel this..

[chorus 2x: foxy brown and young gavin]
[f.b.] ya cant fuck wit me
[y.g.] na na, so hot, make you wanna say
[f.b.] fox so hot
[y.g.] so hot, make niggaz say
[f.b.] ya cant fuck wit me
[y.g.] so hot, make you wanna say
[f.b.] fox so hot
[y.g.] na na, so hot, na na, make it drop
[f.b.] ya cant fuck wit me

[foxy brown]
uhh, who da ras (?) chat but sound like who?
and outta all niggaz im like "please not do," uhh
niggaz talk slick then plead to the crew
got some grimy lil niggaz thatll eat yall food
nigga, dont talk to me bout fox spit rude
im the same bad gal, same cocky attitude
like, aint nothin changed, stunt gal, sick bod
mash up on mah blood clot range like "ay!"
and naan bitch fuckin wit fox like
whoa; original big gun cock bitch
and naan bitch wanna see fox
naan bitch, wanna see me likkle gun pop
like, and if any bitch step on my crocks
thats a automatic hot one through ya datsun, seen it?
make them niggaz drop they toungues and
before they done make em drop they ones
tell em any nigga comin cant come for free
see im three times dough, bitch im no joke
im, one in a million, nigga types too
(?)as long as ya "chyna doll" is indefinitely
we h-o-t-t-i-es, yes
not many can do it like, do it like..(?)

[chorus] - w/ variations

[foxy brown]
mhm, i hate niggaz that love to pull rank
cant fuck and when they nut niggaz shoot blanks
im sorta like jessica rabbit
fuck who? bitch dont move without carats, nigga
and thats my motto - fuck me today, buy a house tomorrow
and i dont feel sorrow, mmm
especially when i wind up my waistline
make them niggaz l.o.i. to the bass line
make them niggaz pepper seed when they taste mine

[chorus] - w/ variations


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