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my life ark sz

(nigga, uh)
yeah, huh (nigga uh)
why dont yall take a look into my life?
see what i see
(nigga uh, nigga, nigga, nigga uh)

at the age of fourteen, introduce to coops
learnin how to seduce niggaz takin they loot
quickly, got involved with this money lifestyle
the finer things, all kinda things, power, money
cars and diamond rings, and nice braids, flaunt it
the gucci boots with the gs on it
a high price for this high price life

while im on tour is my man cheatin just for spite?
and if you only knew i hold my minks at nights with cheap
or no other hands can hold me right
my girls aint the same, guess its cuz the fame
bitches smile in my face and throw dirt on my name
mad cuz i made it, now friends intimidated
hate it that im in the same game as them
with mo fame than them, they know who they are
this life is no joke, got us havin to broke

you was my sister, who used to dream together
how we could make it real big, do our thing together
huh, thelma & louise together, remember them days?
them niggas we played? now we dont even speak
went our seperate ways, seperate lives
lost friendship for pride, playin the game
about to forfeit high price life, i cant afford it

1 - my life, do ya feel what i feel?
my life, a black girls ordeal my life
do ya see what i see?
have you been where ive been?
can you go where i go?

my life
do yall know what it feels like?
do yall know what it be like?
do ya see what i see?
have you been where ive been?
can you go where i go?

daddys girl, in his wildest dreams
said he think that lil ing will be illest in this rap-thing
age 4 in my mothers shoes, swore i could sing
and even as a little girl i was doin my thing
uh, confused, i aint asked to be born
nigga so dumb, shoulda used a condom
ask mommy every day, when daddy gon come?
but he never showed up

i would pimp for them, became demented, then men?
resented them, just the scent of em made me earl
specially the baller ones tryin to buy me with pearls
all i needed was love, all i wanted was love

lack of love had me fallin for thugs
the niggas who aint care, just like daddy
if he aint care, why should they?
for this high price life, its the price i pay

repeat 1

all my girls cross the world that feel what i feel
hearts bruised, then been way i been, keep it movin
let him do his thing, im the one hes lovin
im here to show yall, havin a kid aint meanin nuthin

that aint keepin him, specially if he in love with another chick
then you stuck with the babymother-shit
dont be lovin niggas more than yaself
let em roam, a dog always finds his way home

shit, yall dont wanna take my place, cashin cases
spit in faces, i never seem falsely accused
while some say its rude
but if i was a dude, they all be amused
but im a woman, so im a bitch, simple as that
double-standards, call him a mack, call me a hoe
say im in it for the dough, but tell me
what tha fuck he in it for?

wanted it all, now its all mine
loneliness, sorrow, confusion and pain
nightmares, headlines, "rapper found slain"
if it wasnt for my moms id drown in this pain
now yall see what its like, yall dont wanna be me
cuz it aint always what it seem on tv
shit, but this is my 9 to 5 yall
sometimes i wanna slit my wrist and end my life yall

repeat 1 until fade


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