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ughh, gimme some
ughh, yeah, yeah, yeah, heh
ughh, get sticky wit it
ughh, get your name back
not that, ughh

nigga wanna lay up on my couch, watchin cable
hands all in his pants, feet all on my table
niggas i dont know, rollin dro
optimo, blow you got to go nigga, out the door
tryin to throw some hints
its the first of the month, time to pay some rent
you could send them niggas home and hit the streets
cuz you been layin up chillin in this bitch for weeks
know that ice is nice and sticks is sleek
and the fridge is full, but the shit aint sweet
nigga get cause to floss, keep shit thats new
sure, you could charge it but the bill is due
see ballers like you gotta pay to play
yall big pun niggas gotta pay like you weigh
you could come by, shit, but you cant stay
let my girl mya sing what i came to say, cmon

1 - cuz aint nothing going on but the rent
you got to have a j.o.b.
if you wanna be with me
cuz aint nothing going on but the rent
you got to have a j.o.b.
if you wanna be with me

i need a heavy trick with a deadly dick
with a benz two-thousand se 6, s watch, whatever
as long as the bezzy sit at least three
tvs in everywhere
i aint tryin to go to court for child support
in a crib cramped up, fighting for pampers
i dont want drams wit yall baby moms
nigga, all i want is cartier charms
been tryin to take it there, fuck the movies
im a red carpet bitch, nigga, world premiere
shit, i aint your average i-got-to-have-shit
and im a shopaholic, with a heavy shoe habit
not one two, i need a few karats
nigga try suffer, buy a stiletto
and i gotta have them perotta bags
and them shopping sprees and alotta cash, cmon

repeat 1

if you wanna fuck, i could spend
if you wanna front, gotta go
if you got dough, let em in
if you go broke, it aint the end
remember how you did it before?
lets do it again

you could start from the bottom
take it to the top
start it from the hoopty, end it in the drop
wanna know the secret how you stay on me?
you gotta get on, stay on your j.o.b., cmon

repeat 1

no romance without finance
(repeat until fade)


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