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its hard being wifee ark sz

ughh, ladies, yknow how that sayin goes
be careful what you ask for in life
cuz you just might get it
dependin on what you ask for, what you get?
you might not be able to get out of
you heard? ughh

niggas might take advantage if you let em
play your cards right, and if you fuck em in the same night
make sure that he dont snitch
must be up to sumpin or be lyin on his dick
shit, you know how niggas flick from gettin pussy to head
til you spent yo brant and blew his dick
especially if he trick, shit
dont complain bitch, do yo thang and cop that ring

when he hit you with that game, you be like
"aight, dude, whatever" and sleep on it
put like a week on it, get the benz jeep and creep on it
do you like yeah, faggot, screw you
fuck am i to do now? just lay back like im that lame bitch
dude, im that same bitch, dont you know? never cross no hoe
especially if she was wifee and she know where the snatch go
fuck you wildin fo? who you stylin fo?
and the truth is he fuckin with the deuce kid
he dont know that i stick and move
get him right for that chyna white
nothing to lose, and i see right through him
yeah, we fuckin tonight
and the duke aint what he talkin then im truckin tonight
and if he sweet with the big ones, im lucky tonight
and if he packin like he yappin, im doin him right

1 - [noreaga]
yo, when your man aint fuckin you right
and the dope that he singing
in the hood aint that chyna white
we say fuck em, fuck em
cuz he just aint right
we say fuck em, fuck em
cuz he just aint tight

yo, when your man aint fuckin you right
and the dope that he singing
in the hood aint that chyna white
we say fuck em, fuck em
cuz he just aint right
we say fuck em, fuck em
cuz he just aint tight

ughh, mostly, theyll play you closely
especially if you fuckin em, and he think you trustin him
damn bitch, you lovin em, impressed like that
bomb head, ery night, is the sex like that?
yeah, you aint know, i would stress like that
over due, not his ones, he dont handle like that
shoulda known not to fuck wit no light weight cats
rollin doves in his stacks, i aint fuckin wit that
im like dude, where the fuck is yo big heads at?
and you know how i get down, i dont pumps like that
plus he act funny, and he only fuck with track money
and im, seven zero platinum-plat money, its not a game, nigga
and like sparkle, be careful what you say, nigga
the kind of cat that make wonder if he was sent to do this
put it down for you, first chick he ever cried fo
never had a chick that raps like this
aint impressed for no c cuz we straight like this
and he makes it very clear baby mothers dont exist
they just some fox haters and condom breakers, ya heard?

repeat 1

ughh, the situation is
yall chicks be fuckin with that mistress shit
bad broke, if not for the dough, i splits with the quickness
pleads no fifths, leaves no traces, ya heard?
what the fuck is this? payback shit?
is it god striking me for some way back shit?
im like, damn, was the bitch really foul like this?
and my locing just to think i should slash my wrist
am i seven for me thinkin i should total my six
or just straight spazz out, fuck his man and split
take the code to the safe and just empty his bricks
on the low, but i know that he love when i flip
yall bet the note, had him throw the smash game
shit, i got the ring bitch and his last name
any bitch could do a nigga whole bit
any bitch could luck up and have a kid
any chick could fuck a nigga for spite
but the nigga got to love you if he make you his wife
ughh, yall chicks is lonely, im ownin that dick
and on top of all this bullshit, im still his chick

repeat 1


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