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ill na na ark sz

intro: method man

one time...
huhh, all up in ya like a bone when i...
johnny blaze, the iron lung
foxy brown, the ill na na (yeah, cmon, yeah, cmon)
destination... (cmon, cmon) plat

verse one: foxy brown

yo na na so ill, first week out
shipped a half a mil, niggaz freaked out
shes all about sex, pard-on, check your facts
and the track record, im all about plaques
shakin my ass half naked, lovin this life
waitin for kim album to drop, knowin its tight
standin center stage, closin the show holdin a gat
since you opened up, i know youre hopin its wack
niggaz, screamin my name on record straight whylin
maybe ill answer back when you reach a hundred thousand
this is ladies night, and the mercedess tight
when im coming home? maybe tonight
leave my food by the microwave, kiss the baby goodnight
its my time to shine its playtime tonight
ima try to stand my ground, know when i fall
i left your ass home alone, hopin i call

chorus: method man

whos got the illest pussy on the planet?
sugar walls comin down niggaz cant stand it, the ill na na
true absolut vodka, straight shots
for the has-beens and have-nots, dolla dolla
real and it dont stop, we movin up
first the mansion then the yacht, sound proper
straight cash get got, bloodhounds
tryin to hunt down the brown fox, the ill na na

verse two: foxy brown

no more sexin me all night, thinkin its alright
while im lookin over your shoulder, watchin the hall light
you hate when its a ball right? ladies this aint handball
nigga hit these walls right before i call mike
in the morning when its all bright, eggs over easy
hope you have my shit tight when i open my eyes
while im eatin gettin dressed up, this aint yo pad
i left some money on the dresser, find you a cab
no more, sharin i pain, sharin i made
its time to outslick niggaz, ladies sharin our game
put it in high gear, flip the eye wear
nas ruled the world but now its my year
and from, here on i solemnly swear
to hold my own like pee wee in a movie theater (uh-huh)
yeah i dont need a mans wealth (yeah)
but i can do bad (bad) by my damn self (self)
and uhh...


uhh... vodka...
not... not...
dolla dolla... stop stop...
cmon cmon... yah, its the ill na na

verse three: foxy brown

no more waitin to exhale, we takin deep breaths
ladies take this over, i be fox so peep this
love thyself with no one above thee
cause aint nobody gon love me like me
if he, dont do the right thing like spike lee
bye bye wifey make him lose his nikes (uh uh, yeah)
hit the road
mami told me in order to, find a prince
you gotta kiss some toads



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