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gangsta boogie ark sz

la la la la la
its the motherfucking b-r-o-w-n
slow your roll niggas
its about to go down my niggas
im outta control still
bubble slow and
low in the rov and
spit stick flow im a problem
yall cant fuck with boog
im too hood
f-b the rap angelina jolie
everything from carty to chloe
posha here little fifthmar there
its not a game on the mic im insane
snatch back my lane im a vince
carter this
brown pimp the game and still reign
since the days of kane numb em like cocaine
niggas read my lips
nigga we won;t miss

get gangsta girl

[foxy brown]
still reppin the k gun in the waist
hit by the neptunes
throw in that bass
yeah yall niggas got a problem
this year
im focused man (holla) from my blue and grey pradas
rov and 6-4 im the locest man
hotter than dope man
im different dog im outta bitches reach
yall bitches take heed this bitch is deep
one lesson learned aint nothing sweet
body a broad i dont play with these broads
yall broads be killing me with that chatter
i go at one bitch the rest of yall dont matter
fuck around like yall want it
with brown
my knuckle game vicious
im shutting shit down niggas

get gangsta girl
gangsta boogie (nigga)
gangsta boogie (bitch)

[foxy brown]
since a little young broad
i been spitting this flame
smack the shit out one yall broads
yall mention fox name
lord its a shame im such ahead of this game
and you know shes a hot bitch
when they dirty your name
give a bitch the 5 minutes of fame
lot of broads aint acting the same
not that i knew em
but i passed them on a couple of corners
racking that brain
and the 2 top bitches kinda slid off they game
and at the time i was going through my personal pain
them the sorta things kinda drive you insane
bitch betta thank god you slid in the game
bout to kill bitches back
man its a wrap

gangsta girl
gangsta (4x)


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