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fuck somebody else ark sz

you gonna make me fuck somebody else (im gonna fuck somebody)
if you keep on treating me the way you do
(you dont wanna do it, you dont wanna do it)
you gonna make me fuck somebody else
if you keep on treating me the way you do
(you dont wanna do it, you dont wanna do it)

verse one: foxy brown

most of these cats aint got nothing for me, but if we talikng gs
thats a different story, now dont embarass yourself
cause if you aint pushin what im tryin to push next year
you talking for ya health, nigga rock on
check where you come from, you now my stee dun
run a g and leave em strung with they tongue hung, niggas is bold now
i puts the gold down, i aint laughing
cats be asking can they lick my hole now, feel free
nigga eat me, treat me
ya trick, pussy clit lickin
no ass gettin dick, first roles
niggaz is my hoes, top my doe
wanna lace me with some head after my show, bringin dat
im the nasty bitch that i am, make em lick my pearl tongue
and you got to give my girls some, fuck a man
bitch got the world in her hand, just on spite
niggaz got to fuck me right


verse two: foxy brown

aye yo fox quit the pp on niggaz that is ricky
have them cats wining like be-be and ce-ce, ill na na
pussy hot like a sauna, have yo dick doin flips in my teddy by gabanna
can yo babys momma keep it wet like this, sex like this
nigga this is the best it gets, been around the world twice
gettin more ice, bomb ass cock
fuck a nigga all night, for you bitch kept the pussy tight
all night, nasty when i wanna
pussy you make me wonder, any eye in me
keep vibin me, roll a nigga got the word that he coppin threes
they call him long dick steve, make the pussy steamy
lips in the ass with his face thug cree, yall shouldve seen him
nigga dick mad tiny, doin tricks like a muthafuckin genie


verse thre: foxy brown

now niggaz get a nut just to watch me strut, niggas tried knockin me up
locking me down, what clown copped me a truck
but i aint need it, he passed me da blunts but i dont get weeded
smoke the put bush, let him eat it
lets him get high then his face in my thigh, while im in his ride
fuck a nigga todd, screamin my name
cum stains on the wood grain, had a good thang
but the truth is your loose lips mad me ruthless, now you sex what
jerk it, its for certain
had him spend up, had him bent up
got the next nigga none in ya benz truck
aint nothing wrong with a good dick, fuck a trick
suck a dick, let no trick
nigga pass up, fuck the last nut
get a ass up uhh the next what, can a nigga do
but fuck you and ya crew with down ass hoes


you gonna make me fuck somebody (you gonna make fuck somebody)
you gonna make me fuck somebody (if you keep fucking up the way you do)
you gonna make me fuck somebody (ohh fuck somebody)
you gonna make me fuck somebody (youre gonna make me fuck somebody)


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