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foxys bells ark sz

fox boogie brown is bad as hell
battle anybody i dont care if you tell
i excel, they all fell
suited in chanel, fox brown will rock the bells

cmon, uhh, rock bells, ill
the firm, cmon, ride along baby
whattup da da, yo!

me and my firm benos, rhyme to the death
the mahogany mami, and shine like pledge
wouldnt suggest you try me, verses like guillani
what? i hurt it on purpose like bonnie
from the bottom to the t-o, p we flow
c.o.d., cash on delivery
foxy ery-body watch me now
got these rap cats mad cant stop me now
see the slanted eyes rise when i knock thee down
i got one question for yall, haha, papi how?
we dont playa hate we regulate in this camp
yall do whatcha can, we do what yall cant
amazing like luther once the beats looped up
rock the bi-dells and tore your whole group up
its ill like na na when it feel like drama
boy, me and the click roll tight like ganja
see me primadonna, breakin the nails
here come the game of game, to get the cake and we bail
know you tryin to get the picture but the frame is frail
we gettin richer, you wish you ran game this well
rock the bells, uhh

some players like it, and some of them dont
cause i make a lot of cash and they girlfriends wont
fox brawl swing in hell gonna rock the bells
all you other mcs cant do this well, rock the bells
rock the bells, uhh

from the, true borough, the b-k too thorough
down in d.c., touch me tease me baby
cmon, you know the tracks i get dumb on
cant front on me, playa haters the sun on
i regulate, dan-non, down to ra-mon
i swung on hits yall couldnt get run on
brown baby uhh, i been chromed out
this aint nuttin new parked benz on out
and i flows like, ck one
somethin in they hoes like, she fakes none, aight
im the quintessential, mistress of the instrumental
yall could wait to exhale, ima vent a little
set it off like jada, robbin the bank
i got this money thing covered, from the dollar to the franc
the pounds to the pence, its like hustlin backwards
nuttin yall said made a ounce of sense
my moves be calculated, documented
no matter what you sell, i got you in a minute
take a lot at your charts, watch me climb
turn it upside down, six digits to nine
inside out got reversable rhymes
we could go pop widdit or run the block widdit
never before done til the firm did it
if it aint for the paper then nah we not with it
got to stay driven so we can stay drivin
boom to my whole crew, gotta pull a diamond
see me lookin hot in the crop tercel
gettin richer, you wish you ran game this well
rock the bells
uhh, is it raw
uhh, uh-huh, to the core, uhh
ima give it to ya raw, give your more, uhh
uh-huh, like that, yeah, cmon, rock the bells
rock the bells
rock the bells
rock the bells


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