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baller bitch ark sz

typed by: ryan@cybercities.com, janis@betatesters.com

[pretty boy]
yo fox and $hort, yo
dont let that pretty shit fool you, yo
i aint pay that bitch phone bill

this is for all my ballin ass bitches
all over, worldwide
shake them thighs for them hots
for all my niggas on every street corner
thats right, love yall niggas

1 - [t$] this is for the baller bitch, you all a bitch
my niggas never call her bitch, we all be rich
[fox] so $hort, what you mean?
[t$] i bet i be a poor girls dream
more money than she ever seen

[fox] this is for the baller cats, all the cats
that want a bitch to lay on her back
the hell with that
[t$] so fox what you mean?
[fox] bet i be a poor niggas dream
more money than he ever seen

yo, yo, kiss the projects goodbye
imma change you bitch
imma have niggas thinkin you a famous bitch
heres the keys to the benz, but dont start the car
if you good imma let you park the car
from a straight broke-ass to a baller-bitch
they got no other choice but to call you rich
i got hella fly ladies, never cry ladies
those cheat-on-they-man type tell a lie ladies
diamond rings, platinum chains
tell em "baller bitch" when they ask your name
i say strut that strut, walk that walk
pop that shit, talk that talk
hold your head high, be proud of this life
pray to god that you never fall out of this life
cause its much more better than all world scenes
bitch, open up your eyes, its a poor girls dream

repeat 1

kiss that jail shit goodbye, imma lace you, nigga
imma have bitches thinkin you a famous nigga
blaze the keys to the crib, have you lovin this life
and bitches, aint nothing fuckin with a thug in your life
and them frontin ass niggas who be caught in the hype
like they ot and aint sold a drug in they life
i got husslin ass niggas, thuggin ass niggas
always on some shit, never trust them ass niggas
bust your guns niggas cop your ones
and tell them "big baller" when you flash it once
nigga lock the bar down
show these cats how its done
then slide through the hood and go fuck with your duns

repeat 1

call me what you want, i been heard the worst
and if its cris in this bitch
bet im poppin it first
and if the 700s come, ill be coppin it first
so whenever you see some hot shit im rockin it first

shit, droppin a verse
the pot in em choppin it first
basically when i ride-by, im hurtin them worse
so now boo, what you gonna do?
you see how quick i got you
thats how quick i will drop you

repeat 1


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