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[beanie seigel]
ughh, ughh, yeah
this is beanie seigel
that philly cat playin wit that silly rap
put your weight up, not your hate up, niggas
yall know how i play quiet towns and tie em down
haters wonderin how i got a position with rock
cuz i listen to the lox and i listen then watch
while you still sittin in spot, ditchin the cops
im in the porsche box with fox, glistenin watch
wore steel gray, lexus, gs-4
thats an evil metal when the dog pedals to the floor
im routin down south, for my aim is to score
eight cylinder, screamin fuck the law!

got a tank full of gas, trunk full of cash
hammers in the stash, scanners in the dash
radar detectors, troopers cant find us
we bubble down atl and hit the linas
then get clubbed with some dirty south thugs
go all out thugs, go in your house thugs
talk shit, put blood in your mouth thugs
36 south stuck, stay on route thugs
you know how mac play, quiet town, tie it down
i supply it now, by the pound
might front you a cue if you buy a pound
if you didnt try it then, why would you try it now?
then cuz mac rat wouldnt fire a round into your crown
i lay you down and retire you clown

and i clap niggas, nat niggas kid a dirt
pat-pat with the deuce deuce, itll work
bitch ass niggas wearin thongs and skirts
catch em early in the mornin while they goin to work
hey you pretty motherfuckers stay stuck in the mirror
and you weak ass niggas only buss out the fear
i know yall softer than them feathers that they stuf in the dear
i pack two barettas, never bust in their ear
twist your shit back, spit til my gats is back
pack four pieces like a kit kat. heh, get that?
cop cris by the six-pack, range rov? dot six that
benz coupe, drop six that
buggy eye seven come out? shit, took the six back
switch the double r, the double rs are, gotta get that
you see how we play, pop cris on the e-way
soakin the seat, gettin drunk with glee
or the sharp bar, grill simon, poppin dom p
why you chicken when you chasin your how with hot tea
niggas flashin back money like its they money
slap 500 on back of a three-twenty
im bringin it to any nigga tryin to shoot games (yeah)
with them bullshit buggy-eyed kits and cds

[memphis bleek]
check it out, yo, yo
well, im a lil nigga dont speak, i tote heat
here to shut down your whole operation on the street
bleek, you know niggas just had to recruit this
my flow drewl out like a old nigga toothless
who would believe they pump bleek with ritilin
too hyped up, but weed calm my adrenaline
roll day on the strip, sk in the crib
hundred crack viles, playin the benj
nickel nine gleam, like this armoral-ed up
my squad be armed up, gotcha niggas arms up
who the fuck want what? me and beans trumped up
witcha town under seige, dillinger in the sleave
if my gun jam, you niggas squeeze on me
you niggas them cats got the code-ds on me
im on to my off game, leave the stadium for in stores
floss chains and i pimp whores, stay smoked out
shirt be poked out with the slums knows eight
six to jump out, you eat what you spit
motherfucker die clean
for you actin tought cats, but in your heart you scream
i read your body languo
you want violence and dont wanna mingle
you want a challange get it brought to for every angle
this shitll slow em down, i bet that
ya up front dough and your six backed out, motherfucker

[foxy brown]
sassy fox some brick money, cop me a drop
you know how i run it, 600, glassy top
rock them light gray wrist shit, flash the rocks
the red, the yellow, the green, causin traffic stops
bitch please, never freeze, gonna blast the glock
then i show a little cleave and breeze past the cops
you talk slick but suck dick for money in yall hand
im like bitch, i got more money than your man
while you get your knees scraped up, cum all on your glands
shit, im in the v twinz ballin them tramps
yall hoes greasy, so i keep bitch easy
rookie, fuck you know about glocks and pock books?
you know na na rock that shit, parada that shit
and scotch that shit, dolce gabba that shit
hollow points, top that shit, fuck you tryin to aim
pop that shit, yeah, nigga, fox got that shit
you see the ice wrist shit, can you cop that shit
channel crocodile and ostrich shit, whoa
you know my style, i be spendin they cash
and ill show their little dick some celebrity ass
and get em a brick, i know what style to get them niggas shit real
well, fuck, i let em live and lick the tip of my shit
to remind em of some rose petals, candles, and shit
or some hydro like the nigga grew a plant in my shit
so thats what it is, thats why them hoes mad at my shit
see me wildin in the four-six, stylin on them bum-ass
goddess mc, yall bitches is littles foxes
see my girls friends, tossin they little watches
cris? i pops it. fuckin a nigga topless
cats? i fouls on. hoes? i styles on, nigga
wear yall out then air yall out
over here? hustle from where, clear all out
shit, greyhound bitch, stay down bitch
and i know jigga see me here to lay down shit
i will spray yall niggas, waste yall niggas
cuz i fucked the nigga and pay yall niggas
shit, what the fuck


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