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free to go ark sz

catching butterflies, line drives, watching tv
i had seven good years til they noticed they were looking at me
i didnt like what they see

trapped in the back seat, stay on your side
my hand out the window feeling the air rush by
while my parents fight

where did you go? did i make you leave?
another thing i didnt know
nobody ever believes. they just leave, they just leave
and theyll see you on their own sweet time
they just leave

i didnt leave my room til i learned how to drive
i was sweet seventeen, fighting with the back of my mind
til the wheel was all mine

free to go, but still to young to leave
old enough to think i know
that nobody ever believes, they just leave, they just leave

my plane landed, im alive
im not fighting with the things
i never thought id do to survive
now weve finally arrived

now i know, more than ive ever believed
you could never let me know
you were just as young as me
you had to leave, you had to leave


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