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bob seger, bob seger arklar, bob seger ark szleri
1. shells from a -404
2.against the wind495
3.aint got no money707
4.always in my heart397
5.american storm400
6.back in437
7.beautiful loser433
8.betty lous getting out tonight480
9.black night445
10.blind love472
11.boomtown blues392
12.brave strangers437
13.by the river702
14.come to poppa416
15.comin home522
16.cest la vie472
17.even now427
18.famous final scene574
19.feel like a number429
20.fine memory415
21.fire down below425
22.fire inside392
23.fire lake429
24.golden boy780
25.good for me445
26.hands in the air445
27.her strut460
28.hollywood nights399
29.horizontal bop369
30.house behind a house389
31.i cant save you angelene625
32.i wonder536
33.in your time374
34.its a mystery341
35.its you429
36.ive been workin484
37.ive got time491
38.jody girl376
40.let it rock415
41.like a rock394
42.little victories455
43.lock and load393
44.long twin silver line463
45.loves the last to know423
46.main street410
48.makin thunderbirds673
50.mary lou433
52.midnight rider451
54.neon sky435
55.new coat of paint448
56.night moves715
57.no mans land412
58.nutbush city limts459
59.old time rock & roll380
60.real at the time437
61.real love425
62.revisionism street417
63.rite of passage419
64.rock and roll never forgets452
65.roll me away404
67.sailing nights416
68.shame on the moon431
69.she cant do anything wrong589
70.shinin brightly616
71.ship of fools400
73.so i wrote you a song404
75.somewhere tonight440
76.still the same437
78.sunspot baby368
79.take a chance441
80.the aftermath409
81.the long way home409
82.the mountain378
83.the ring426
84.the stealer427
86.till it shines388
87.travelin man711
88.tryin to live my life without you476
89.turn the page409
90.west of the moon473
91.weve got tonight579
92.which way1780
93.youll accompany me660
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