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bob marley, bob marley arklar, bob marley ark szleri
1.africa unite930
2.african herbsman567
3.all in love477
4.ambush in the night451
5.babylon system590
6.bad card600
7.balckman redemption457
8.brain washing385
9.burnin and lootin630
10.chant down babylon653
11.coming in from the cold420
12.concrete jungle667
13.could you be loved468
14.craven choke puppy576
15.crazy baldhead511
17.cry to me546
18.dont rock the boat537
19.dont worry, be happy608
20.duppy conqueror477
21.easy skanking547
22.forever loving jah428
23.fushing and fighting461
24.get up stand up522
25.give thanks and praise472
26.guava jelly492
28.i know508
29.i shot the sheriff518
30.iron lion zion678
31.is this love471
32.im hurting inside586
33.im still waiting536
34.jah live671
36.johnny was616
37.jump nyabinghi449
39.keep on moving476
40.lick samba1025
41.lively up yourself464
42.mellow mood556
43.midnight ravers430
44.mix up, mix up472
45.natural mystic548
46.nice time801
47.night shift510
48.no woman no cry783
49.one drop531
50.one love532
51.pimpers paradise614
52.positive vibration524
53.put it on515
54.rastaman chant441
55.rastaman live up473
56.rat race591
57.real situation480
58.redemption songs460
59.ride natty ride483
60.riding high453
61.roots rock reggae825
62.running away481
63.slave driver519
64.small axe493
65.so much trouble in the world1036
66.soul rebel453
67.soul shakedown party504
68.stiff necked fools427
69.stir it up603
70.sunshine reggae2821
71.talkin blues471
72.thank you lord501
73.the heathen669
74.them belly full but we hungry424
75.three little birds3192
76.time will tell391
77.top rankin750
78.trench town501
79.trench town rock493
80.waiting in vain441
81.wake up and live570
83.we and them459
84.who the cap fit471
85.why should i457
88.zion train751
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