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where the zero meets the fifteen ark sz
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where the zero meets the fifteen ark sz

my car broke down in arizona,
have to ride the bus again,
at ten-o-clock on tuesday night,
with thirteen cents and a broken pen.
i put my backpack on the bench,
tell two people i dont smoke,
see the cop across the street,
he thinks that i am selling dope,
i could have walked another block,
to get away from the scene.
why does it always come to this,
where zero meets fifteen?

and so i gave my thirteen cents,
to the man who peed his pants.
he passes out and falls on me,
i watch my change fall from his hand.
i see the lady next to me,
holds her baby black blue.
the junkie gutter-punks keeps asking,
where i got my new tattoo.
what does it matter anyway,
thirteen cents or all i own?
how can i ever save the world,
on cup-o-soup and student loans?

i want to try and save the world,
but it never goes that way.
god i dont know what to do,
down at colfax and broadway.

now the man with no shoes on,
says i dont know how to play.
he says i fumble all the time.
he thinks that i am john elway.
i put my face down in my hands,
water wells inside my eyes.
what do i have to give them?
does it matter if i try?
i cant stand to see yousuffer,
i try to intellectualize,
a formula to end you pain,
it doesnt work,
god knows ive tried.
sometimes my cup is overfilled.
sometimes im too afraid that im going to spill.


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