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where is micah ark sz

its five minutes from the show,
so where the heck did micah go?
i dont know, hes not around.
i didnt hear him make a sound.
his wherabouts we could not find.
i think we left him behind.
have you seen him?

micah,where did micah go?
micah, should be at our show,
micah, guess that we should find him,
micah, cause we kind of like him here.

poor john walsh his hear is bleeding,
"have you seed me?"
milk jugs reading:
does this face ring a bell,
is he lost inside some well?
i think we left him at the show.
i think we left him in toledo.

weve got a roll of duct-tape for the next time he tries to run away.
come on micah, its time for your feeding,
do you want another senseless beating?


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