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vultures ark sz

watching mrs. brady prime the brand new kenmore washer
see the brilliant gleam of the automatic tooth flosser
beautiful the china, what a lovely cup and saucer
yeah i saw your rolex, but i think its an impostor
wave to the pretty ladies
with your brand new hairpiece, baby
ahh, the smell of cash, its good to be alive
im going to spend some dough like its 1985
rip the tags off mattresses
youll buy more anyway
is the paint on that suv
some brand new type of gray?

believe in anything
vultures circling
open, swallow/ youre so hollow

my teeth are getting yellow from the mocha i just drank
i need to bleach them out, but my breath will still be rank
did you you see the new computers,
arent they oh so obsolete?
and that shade of black you wear,
its so tuesday of last week
you need a better life
have you tried another wife?
i used to be an amateur but now im going pro
it once was mile high but you sold it to invesco
the empire grows
you can see its massive span
beneath the golden arches
somewhere in japan.

and the vultures circle
theyve paved the way
theyve bit and clawed their path
to top floors in l.a.
and beneath the brazen windows
you can hear the sound
they say the word on the street
is ?somethings going down?..
when the revolution comes.


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