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the untimely death of brad ark sz
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the untimely death of brad ark sz

here is the tale, its spoken word-for-word,
it may be abominable, but, yes it must be heard.
nauseating at first, you can expect the worst,
so listen closely, as the plot unfolds...

i might stretch the truth, may be a little lie,
there was a boy named brad,
he played trumpet, and he died.
too young for him to cease,
why? we havent got a clue,
its on the internet, so then it must be true.

the untimely death of brad,
how sad it must have been.
if you see him anywhere,
remember to console him.

i curse the day, i ever met the boy,
only the good die young, they say.
the details of his death are vague
unbelievable it seems,
as if his passing was only a dream.
catastrophe, calamity,
what will we tell his mother now?
cataclysmic, a tragic mishap,
i just heard that their band is breaking up.
i hear his trumpet, his voice rings in my ears,
it sometimes seems hes standing very near.
i dont believe in ghosts,
ive never seen one,
but isnt the trumpet playing haunting on this album?

a day that lives in infamy,
in horror we behold, his passing,
his memory, but the truth must be told.


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