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superpowers ark sz

bacon bits and jalapenos on my polish hot dog.
half a pound of potato chips,
and a beef jerky log.
i press my face to the window,
a wrapper sticks to my shirt.
eight people in a stinky van,
a couple more couldnt hurt.
eat some food off the floor.
ive developed a taste for bread mold.
ride aroudn in a van,
dont take a shower for six weeks and...

weve been given superpowers,
ask us for an autograph.
we sing, we dance well make you laugh,
dont you want to be like us?
weve been given superpowers,
ask about our rock and roll,
our hair, our clothes, hobbies, and pets.
does he have a girlfriend yet?

everyone in the band cant stand me,
just because i fell off the stage,
and kind of by accident,
i broke the promoters legs.
sometimes we have a deadline for writing our songs.
five minutes left to write this one la,la,la,la,la,la,la.
sleep in a sleeping bag.
every floor looks the same as last night.
you wake up, you drive, you play a show,
and then you sleep again.

i sometimes feel like im holden caulfield,
sometimes jack keroac.
i wanted to be famous,
now i want to take it back.
dont want to rock the mic,
dont want to meet the pope,
i just want to share with you,
how we got this peace and hope.

i once wanted to be famous,
now i want to take it back.


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