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old west ark sz

up until the middle of the 20th century,
many americans believed in the idea known as the "manifest destiny."
it held that all of north america,
from sea to shining sea,
was rightfully the property of the u.s. and was given to us by god.
native americans were unscrupulously thrown off their homelands
and slaughtered in the name of jesus.
horror stories of entire tribes being led through rivers while being baptized,
just to be shot and scalped on the other side,
rival those of the spanish inquisition.
today, i see street corner preachers screaming at passers-by,
while the amount of neo-nazi hate crimes are escalating every day.
all of this under a blanket name of "christianity."
read your bible.
jesus never beat people or insulted them into believing in him.
he spoke the truth
and set an example by loving every man.
we are called to follow his example.
remember the massacres at sand creek and meeker.
those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

some cowboys were a ridin, ridin on the range;
the grass was over grazed there,
and spotted like some mange;
the buffalo were dead there,
the trees they all were through,
and if they saw some injuns,
why they would kill them too.
west or bust, in god we trust,
"lets rape, lets kill, lets steal"
we can almost justify, anything we feel;
im climbing up that ladder,
more brownie points for me ill work my way to jesus you wait and see.
said one cowboy to another,
"i think it would be nice,
if we could take these injuns and convert them all to christ;
see, they are all disgusting, and bringing me great pain,
and if they dont believe me,
well put a bullet in their brains!"
i am always shoutin,
when i go outside,
how people should repent now,
or theyre going to die.
my motives are all selfish,
im a cannon brimmed with powder.
if people dont believe me,
i just beat them and yell louder.


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