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my evil plan to save the world ark sz
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my evil plan to save the world ark sz

i have an evil plan
to save the world for every man,
and i think its better than the way its being run.
oh, the ground works laid,
no dont be afraid,
im sure that i can fix it,
when i figure out the physics.

my evil plan to save the world,
just you wait till its unfurled,
itll go down in history.
its prophetic, no its not pathetic.
i cant believe i made it up myself.

i have an evil plan, to save the world you understand,
the exemplary feat,
youd think id have to cheat.
id make voltaire proud, deep and furrow browed.
uncanny and so clever,
its our newest plan ever!

got tired of whining,
a grander scheme with silver lining,
for every boy and girl.
we cant be responsible,
for all thats wrong with this world.
starving children in pain,
you cant believe in that god.
the worlds not spinning your way,
does every dog still get his day?


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