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eulogy ark sz

today all the sources would agree
that the day of their death was a cold dark day
scuttled ships have blocked the sea
and the pallid light of morning melts into an ashy gray

and goodbye to everything
sayonara everyone
they are tired
write the eulogy
and i saw them as they passed
it was like a millstone cast
far into the deep blue sea

no one understood a word they said
hailed them all as kings up upon a pedestal
their names scribbled on a parchment piece
would sink like any ship listing fast from ruptured hull

the murky sea is black
dismal and so deep
millstones rocket through the dark
into its icy keep
a resting place for broken ships
a cemetery for the humble
no ones here to make you stumble

if jesus christ is true
then i am mostly lies
if jesus christ is love
then i have failed to try
if jesus christ is life
then please just let me die


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