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cool enough for you ark sz

what could this be, too much mtv?
chalk another fad up for its fall into infamy.
whats in a standard if it changes all the time?
youre still having trouble in defining your own kind.
need i remind you, we all knew you before,
you threw the rocks at the stage from your glass house on the floor?
now i think youre punk, just because its in.
you found a foul mouth and a couple safety pins.

got a peaceful feeling,
i dont want to fight no more.
got a peaceful feeling,
i dont care if were punk, or ska, or hardcore,
enough for you, its sad but true,
you can call us names till your face turns blue.
our assurance comes from god,
its nothing new,
well never care ?cause were never cool enough for you.

that smug look on your face,
your nose up in the air,
your patches say youre open-minded,
but still you couldnt bear,
some punk thrown in with ska.
you said it wouldnt work.
well you can take your vespa home ?cause ska made you a jerk.
the purist turns a deaf ear.
hes such an intellect,
does he think his censorship is gaining our respect?
the raising of a fist, like a trigger of a gun.
stop and see were all alike, and we can dance as one.


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