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beautiful america ark sz

the man on the television said i need to drink this,
and sleep with that, in order to be cool.
and you know that i would do almost anything,
to be like that guy on tv.
i know that if i had just the right outfit
and a hairstyle that could be me.
dont you know you cant be cool if you dress dumb,
i need to have that cause everybodys got one.
i think ill start smoking,
that would make me intellectual,
thats what ive always wanted to be.
i need to lift weights,
that would make me more sexual,
and that would be good for me.

in america its wonderful,
all you have to do is fake it.
own anything you want,
all you have to do is take it.
live for today, dont think about tomorrow,
have a good time in america-gomorrah.

what are you looking at,
you better not make me mad.
ill drive by your house and shoot your dog, and mom, and dad.
i dont need you or the bible or anything to tell me what is the law.
with a good enough lawyer i can do anything in beautiful america.

i want to be in america,
okay for me in america,
everythings free in america,
for a small fee in america.


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