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arnold, and willis, and mr drummond ark sz
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arnold, and willis, and mr drummond ark sz

straight from the ghetto streets of harlem
came two brothers willis and arnold
black goldfish swims in the bowl
hes three feet high, four with the afro
stealing cookies from the cookie jar
droppin water balloons on cars
i hope mrs. garret wont see
just play sick for mohammed ali
now the gooch is coming
to steal milk money.

arnold, and willis, and mr. drumondd
and dont forget kimberly
they just canceled dukes of hazard
different strokes is all i want to see.

way up high in the penthouse apartment
making us laugh its willis and arnold
mr. drumondds got the dough
they get to ride in a limo

different strokes, its almost time.
we just watch cause kimberlys fine.
half hour long it never fills us,
when he says, "what you talkin bout willis?".
write the cable company
different strokes all the time.

mr. drumondd a man of the means
loves two black brothers theyve only got the blue jeans.


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