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white russian ark sz

where do we go from here?

theyre boarding up the synagogues, uzis on a street corner
you cant take a photograph of uzis on a street corner
the dj resigned today, they wouldnt let him have his say
a surface scratched where the needles play, uzis on a street corner

where do we go from here?

terror on the rue de st. denis, murder on the periphery
someone else in someone elses pocket, christ knows i dont know how to stop it
lay poppies at the cenotaph, the cynics cant afford to laugh,
i heard in on the telegraph theres uzis on a street corner

where do we go from here?

the more i see the more i hear the more i find the fewer answers
i close my mind, i shut it out but you know its getting harder
to calm me down, to reason out, to come to terms with what its all about
im uptight, cant sleep at night, i cant pretend everythings alright.
my ideals my sanity, they seem to be deserting me
but to stand up and fight i know we have six million reasons.

theyre burning down the synagogues, uzis on a street corner
the heralds of the holocaust, uzis on a street corner
the silence never louder than now, how quickly we forgot our vows,
this resurrection we cant allow, the uzis on a street corner.

where do we go from here, where do we go from here?

we buy fresh bagels from the corner store
where swastikas are spat from aerosols
i sit in the bar sipping iced white russians
trying to score but nobodys pushing
and everyone looks at everyones faces
searching for signs and praying for traces
of a conscience in residence,
are we sitting on a barbed wire fence, racing the clouds home
racing the clouds home

we place our faith in human rights
in the paper wars that tie the redtape tight
i know that i would rather be out of this conspiracy

in the gulags and internment camps
frozen faces in nameless ranks
i know that they would rather be
standing here besides me chasing the clouds home

you can shut your eyes, you can hide away
its gonna come back another day

racing the clouds home, are we racing the clouds home?
racing the clouds home


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