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tic-tac-toe ark sz

we are led by the light at the end of the tunnel
we are guided by the fires of our burning dreams
were inspired by our ideals and driven by conscience
to cross what the cynics perceive as naive
we the people want it straight for a change
we the people are getting tired of your games
we the people want the answers laid out on the lines
better no more of your cheap propaganda
and stop talking tic-tac-toe

we the people fight your arms dealers wars
we the people want our futures secure
we the people want a peace staying all the way
so cut out your message
and take all your talking tic-tac-toe

everyone needs a symbol of their own, the truth
if you dont know of the reason
well how can you take a stance in this way
you need to be sure
you need to return to an open door
taking a lesson from me
taking a lesson from me
the children that play tic-tac-toe


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