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that time of the night ark sz

at that time of the night when streetlights throw crosses
through window frames, paranoia roams where the shadows reign
oh, at that time of the night
at that time of the night your senses tangled in some new perfume
criticism triggers of a loaded room. at that time of the night

so if you ask me how do i feel inside
i could honestly tell you weve been taken on a very long ride
and if my owners let me have some free time some day
with all good intention i would probably run away
clutching the short straw

at that time of the night when questions rally in an open mind
summon all your answers with an ice cube chime
at that time of the night.

at that time of the night
pretend youre off the hook with the telephone
your confidence wounded in a free fire zone,
oh, at that time of the night

so if you ask me where do i go from here,
my next destination isnt even really that clear.
so if you join me and get on your knees and pray,
ill show you salvation well take the alternative way
clutching the short straw

if i had enough money id buy a round for that boy over there
a companion in my madness in the mirror the one with the silvery hair.
and if some kind soul could please pick up my tab
and while theyre at it if they could pick up my broken heart....


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