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[sandy denny, "who knows where the time goes..."?]
(s. denny)

good morning, good afternoon
and what have you got to say?
well, im waiting, but i cant stay long
its such a lovely day
theres a time to be talking
and theres a time when its no use
right now i think the things you say
are liable to confuse

ive just gone solo
do you play solo
aint life a solo?

what a wonderful way to live
shes travelling all over the world
why, the flame and all the golden
opportunities unfurled
no time for the gent with the mulliner bently
and heaven knows what else
why, he wouldnt even stand a chance
with all his oilwells

she just went solo
do you play solo
aint life a solo

ive always lived in a maison
on the other side of the moon
ive always kept a unicorn
and i never sing out of tune
i could tell you that the grass
is really greener on the other side of the hill
but i cant communicate with you
and i guess i never will

weve all gone solo
we all play solo
aint life a solo


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