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just good friends ark sz


theres something i want to ask you
before its too late,
its been on my mind since the first time we met
it scares me now more, now theres more at stake,
it seems were so close yet so far away.

could you turn me down gently would i
be out of order,
if i declared my true feelings or do i
act out the part,
of the father confessor of the shoulder to cry on
were always so close yet so far away

chorus: what would you do if i got down
on my knees to you
would you hold it against me,
would you stand in line?
what would you do if i
opened my heart to you,
would i be another whos wasting his time,
darling are we just good friends?

do i really need to ask you
im sure that you know by now,
do we just play a game where we try to pretend,
that all thats between us is all thats between us,
and all we can rely on is just being good friends.


so are we left to chance meetings,
is that all we can depend on?
resigned to raise glasses in anonymous cafes,
reciting our failures as if we needed
proof or regret,
over what might have
and what should have been, darling, are we just good friends?


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